Off to Europe…

So… I’ve never blogged before… I’ve never traveled to Europe by myself before either. So now I’m doing both at once with little to no plan… really, I’m winging it. It feels like a good idea. Maybe. 

Anyway, this morning, I did something else I’ve never done, which is use Lyft to get to the airport. I had a fantastic ride with a retired physicist named Randy. I had to laugh a little, because I’m sure everyone has seen this Geico commercial

It was a good way to start what will hopefully be a great trip. I’m on my way to Edinburgh, Scotland, where I will join a Contiki tour which will conclude in Ireland 12 days later, then I hope to spend some time checking out the homeland of my mother’s family in Wales and finally, I’ll meet my cousin in England for a few days. 

I’m excited to share my trip with you, and I’ll try to keep it short and entertaining. 


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