Guys. I’m in SCOTLAND! Also, I haven’t slept yet so please excuse me if I’m a little punchy. Morning comes awfully fast when you fly directly into it. That photo is sunset, I think. Hard to tell. I was on a plane for a long time. 

No travel woes getting here – some of you may remember my marathon of a trip to Bermuda a few years back, but this time everything went pretty smoothly. The only wrinkle was waiting to go through passport control entering Edinburgh (which if you read things in your head like me, is pronounced Ed-in-bur-ah). Anyway, we had to wait in line over an hour, which was really long considering there were no bathrooms before this wait… Go before you get off the plane, people! 

After that, it was easy to get my bag and find a taxi and the driver brought me straight to my hotel. Of course it’s way too early to check in – only 9 a.m. local time, but the kind lady at the front desk let me leave my bag there and gave me a handy map and I set off in search of coffee. 

So here I sit, enjoying my coffee and a cinnamon bun in SCOTLAND! Look at the VIEW! 

I’m not sure if I’m sleep deprived or just overly excited. Maybe both. More later after I catch up with the tour and maybe a short nap… 


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