A Day in the Scottish Highlands

Let me start off with a disclaimer… Today was a very long day and I may not make much sense. The scenery here is drop-dead gorgeous. Ridiculously, amazingly, pretty. I got some awesome photos today and I’ll share a few here in a minute.

We we started off today from our tartan (plaid) covered hotel and headed toward the Isle of Skye. We drove through some amazing countryside and we were lucky enough to have the clouds break in time for several photo stops.

On one stop, (read from here in a thick Scottish accent) they told us a story about two rival clans who were going to unite their clans with a peace treaty settled by a marriage after much fighting. One clan picked out their most beautiful girl and sent her to the other clan to be married. But on the way, as she was crossing this bridge her horse spooked and threw her, causing her face to be smashed on the rocks. She didn’t know what to do, since she would no longer be beautiful enough to marry and unite the clans, so she sat and cried until a troll emerged from under the bridge and offered to make her a deal – he would make her beautiful enough to marry and unite the clans, but after she did, the power of both the clans would be his. Having no other choice and fearing more war, the girl agreed. So the troll gave her his magic stone and told her to go wash her face in the stream. She did and became even more beautiful than before. So she returned the stone and continued on her way. After arriving at her new home and telling her new husband what happened, the men made a plan, they would go and steal the stone the troll needed to do magic. So they got up early and snuck into the troll’s home and stole his stone. To hide it they buried it in a pile of stones and they say the troll is still looking for it. In order to keep him from finding it, travelers today are encouraged to stop, pick up a stone and bathe their face in the water in hopes of becoming more beautiful, then adding the stone to the pile.

We then stopped for lunch in the town of Portree and visited the Eilean Donan castle, which is definitely historically significant, but just as importantly is the castle from the wedding in the movie “Made of Honor.”

Then we headed for dinner in Fort William and as we rolled along “Sweet Home Alabama” began to play on the radio… Which I then had to explain to several Canadians that it is not country music.

Finally, our journey became a bit longer because they switched our hotel on us, but, it’s a castle so I’m not complaining!


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