Hairy Coos and Glasgow

So today was kind of a travel day… we left our fabulous castle kind of late and headed to Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland. 

We did make two pit stops on the way there – one to see some “hairy coos,” AKA Highland cows. These are a sort of unofficial mascot of the Scottish highlands. They’re hairy and adorable and they love carrots and selfies. Well… carrots anyway. (And no, for those who know me, I do not have the baby cow in my luggage now. They wouldn’t let me bring it on the bus…) 

The second stop was at Stirling, and the William Wallace monument. This was at the top of the hill and we hiked up in a bit of drizzle, and then climbed a whole lot of stairs (246 of them in a lovely narrow spiral staircase), but the view from the top is amazing.

 Unfortunately we weren’t able to visit Stirling Castle today, but we did have lunch in Stirling and we went on to Glasgow where we had a free afternoon, where I did a little shopping and sightseeing, including this famous statue

Statue of the Duke of Wellington

Tomorrow, we move on to Dublin and I am incredibly excited for Ireland!! 


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