Exploring the Aran Islands…

So today went on a day trip from Galway to the Aran Islands (really we just visited the largest of the three, Inishmore). 

We hopped on the bus and drove about an hour to the ferry port, where we crossed some fairly choppy seas on a small ferry to get to the island.

After we got there, we had the option of renting bikes or hiring a tour van or taking a horse and carriage around the island. I opted for the bike, which may have been a poor life choice, since prior to the short bike tour the other day, I hadn’t really ridden a bike in about 15 years. 

The weather was authentically Irish, but the island was still beautiful. The ocean was a gorgeous blue-green/gray mix that was just spectacular. We were also able to see some seals in the water just offshore. 

Seal sticking its head out of the water

All along the road we were on were small pastures fenced by stone walls, some with cows or horses, providing a picturesque landscape. 

We biked around through the small settlement- only about 1,200 people live on the islands and the language is primarily Gaelic. 

We had a bite to eat from the local grocery store – there are also some pubs and restaurants in the small village, but I was excited to find a Dr Pepper. 

After lunch we took off to the other end of the island and biked out to see some castle ruins and a very old cemetery with a small church built in the 8th century. 

We also saw several of these tiny houses in people’s yards and we were told they are leprechaun houses, although this cat seemed to think that it was his. 

We finally made our way back to the village and decided to check out some of the shops, which showcased another item the island is famous for – wool knit sweaters

Lastly, here is a photo of one of the locals with his horse and carriage because he is wearing a Red Sox hat and I clearly have found my people. 


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