Dublin Days…

So I definitely missed a day because our hotel last night didn’t have reliable wifi, and also I was completely worn out… Tonight I decided to opt for a bit nicer option for my first night on my own. 

Yesterday morning we left Belfast and came down to Dublin for a tour of the Guinness Storehouse. While I’m not a huge fan of beer, the exhibit was actually really interesting and you can enjoy a free pint in their rooftop bar at the end. The view was amazing. 

Following that we headed into town for some free time in the gorgeous weather, then we checked into the hotel and got ready for our last dinner as a group. 

The final dinner was at a place called The Merry Ploughboys and it was awesome – it was a dinner show featuring traditional Irish music and dance. 

This morning, everyone went their separate ways, and I set off in a cab… across town. Our tour hotel was located out near the airport to aid those traveling by plane, but I wanted to be closer to all the attractions for a day. 

So I booked a night at The Morgan, on Fleet Street in Temple Bar – right near everything I wanted to check out today. I used the MyTaxi app to get a cab and the cabbie was great! He gave me a mini tour and suggested a few things to see and places to eat. I dropped my bag off at the hotel and set out to see things in the more traditional Irish drizzle. I did duck in to a souvenir shop to get a cheap hat to keep the water out of my eyes. 

I started my solo adventure with a trip to the National Archaeology Museum – super exciting, I know, but I love museums. This one was actually really well done and I learned a lot about the early history of Ireland, plus, it was FREE! 

Following my trip back in time at the museum I went over to Trinity College to check out the Book of Kells and the long room of the library, which is pretty much what you think of when you think library. I also love libraries and could happily do a world tour of libraries. Yes, I’m a nerd. And I have a book problem. 

After that I headed over to Dublin Castle in the rain and saw the state rooms which are open to the public for a fee. I wasn’t able to get a guided tour to see all the different areas, because I was too late in the day, but I did have a nice wander through the rooms that were open for the self-guided tour. So, pro tip, get there before 3 p.m. if you are interested in then guided tour. 

Finally, I headed back to my hotel to check in. It’s really nice and perfectly centrally located. Well worth the extra money. I felt like I needed to eat some vegetables so I went around the corner to the salad place my cabbie recommended. 

It was a nice relaxing day where I didn’t have to get on a bus or rush around – tomorrow I catch the ferry bright and early and then the train to head to Chester in England, on my way to Wales. 


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